Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10--Honeymoon

Once you know the date of your wedding, you can start planning and booking your honeymoon. Here are some things you should think about in planning:
  • where do you want to go?
    • close or far?
    • tropical?
    • adventurous?
    • stateside or international?
  • how long do you want to go for?
    • short and more elaborate?
    • longer and simpler?
  • when do you want to leave?
    • the morning after your wedding?
    • a day or two after your wedding?
  • what is important?
    • nice room
    • beautiful locaton
    • activities
    • food
    • privacy
My fiance and I knew we wanted to go somewhere tropical. We also knew we did NOT want to fly out early the morning after our wedding. We instead chose two different nice hotels to stay at for our wedding night and the next night and then flew out the second morning. I really recommend this so that you get enough rest before you get on a potentially long plane ride.

We wanted to go for a week. Not too short and not too long. My fiance would only have to take one week of vacation and it would be enough time for us together to enjoy and do some fun things.

Important things to us were an all-inclusive plan and options of activities. We didn't want to spend time/money/effort finding places to eat every day. We wanted a place that had several restaurants to choose from and an all-inclusive plan so it was taken care of for us. We also wanted to be able to do a few activities while we were there.

Once we had our list of what we wanted, we started searching. We spent HOURS searching. We looked on Expedia, Travelocity, and Costco. Unfortunately, we learned that travel deals don't really exist for June-August. We searched and searched, read reviews, looked at specific hotel sites and finally chose to book through Expedia for a 6 day stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It had 6 restaurants included and we did 3 activities: ziplining, snorkel cruise, and sunset sailing.

On the sailing cruise with The Arch behind us

Lover's Beach

 We had a great honeymoon! Looking back, we did enjoy the convenience of all-inclusive but we were bummed to find out that it gave us very limited menus and we only liked half of the restaurants. Our favorite was the sushi! It was my first time eating sushi and it was so delicious!

Eruption ever!

Shrimp "tacos" I want this right now

Tucan Roll

You hear about crazy things happening to couples on their honeymoon. Whatever happens, just try to roll with it and have a good time. We missed a connecting flight home and had to spend the night in the freezing airport. But we will always remember that and be able to laugh about it!


  1. I can't believe your favorite thing to eat in Mexico was sushi! It just seems so wrong!

  2. Sushi and ziplines, who'd a thunk?