Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13--Centerpieces

Centerpiece decor is a lot of fun! Again, stick with your colors and style. Most centerpieces incorporate flowers however you don't have to. For centerpieces, there are few things you should consider:
  • Use odd numbers. Whether you are using vases, candles, jars, or whatever, odd numbers provide better balance.
  • Use varying heights. Whatever objects you use, have a tall, medium, and short to break it up and allow each item to be noticed.
For my centerpieces, I chose to use two different sizes of mason jars and frappucino bottles. I used two different sizes of birch slices. One was bigger for all the jars to sit on and the other I burned a heart into it. I used twine to wrap a heart-shaped doily around the biggest jar and then a colored tag around the frappucino bottle that had the date and our names. The biggest jar we filled with daisies and dahlias. The frappucino bottle had Baby's Breath in it. The smallest mason jar had pebbles and goldfish in it. All of the centerpiece items sat on a square of burlap in the center of round tables. We also made 4 different games for guests to play and had them printed on cardstock. My fiance cut pencils in half and then sharpened them all.

Here are some pictures of our centerpieces:

What did you use for your centerpieces?

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  1. Your centerpieces turned out great! You had a great vision for what you wanted. <3