Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12--Ceremony Decorations

The decor was probably one of my favorite parts. I loved working on everything and then seeing it come to life.

When it comes to decorating for your ceremony, you need to keep your style and colors in mind. Ceremony decor includes the aisle and "altar", which often incorporate flowers. My wedding had a simple, backyard country style so I didn't want to do anything too elaborate. The backyard had an amazing view of the mountains and with the trees and fences, it already had a good amount of natural decor.

Here is the arch/arbor that we were going to have the ceremony at. This pictures obviously just shows half of it. It's in the spring time so the vine hasn't bloomed yet. I knew the greenery of the arbor would be a lot so just wanted to add some flowers in my colors and bring in some country feel with an "altar" and the aisle decoration.

My mom and I went to a flower farm to pick some flowers to plant ourselves. We were looking for simple flowers that looked like you would find them just growing wild in the country.

Dahlias are my new favorite flower ever since I started planning my wedding!

 My mom helping me get the flowers planted. We chose half barrels for the country look.

All the flowers we bought! Daisies, dahlias, and fillers.

 Finished pots!

Here is the "altar"/arbor on our wedding day. One photographer caught the other one in the picture. The arbor was so green and bountiful! I love the touch of color my half barrels added.


 Here is the "altar" up close. We used 2 haybales stacked on top of each other. To decorate the hay we laid a quilt over it. My mom had made the quilt for our engagement picture session. We had our loaf of bread and mason jar of white grape juice for communion.

 The decor along the aisle was really simple. We had 10 shepherd's hooks (5 on each side) with mason jars hung from them. We used a wired twine to wrap around the lips of the jars and make a handle to hang on the hook. We filled the jars with Baby's Breath. Simple, but very pretty.

What do you think? How did you decorate for the ceremony of your wedding?

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